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Step-by-step introduction to Live Traffic and its Smooth Deployment

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Join us on the 28th of February 2024 at 16:00 CET for a Step-by-step introduction to Live Traffic and its Smooth Deployment.

Our GoodVision expert will guide you from the start of the process - from the technical requirements up to the transformation of your road-side cameras into an ultimate traffic control system.

What will you learn in our Webinar?

  • Discover how Live Traffic standard or custom tools are used to meet your demands.
  • Get a detailed description of deployment, including the specification of the hardware, network topology, communication protocols, format of reports, and API details.
  • Learn what it takes to have the processing unit up and running, and for your deployment to start.
  • Be inspired by all the infinite possibilities for customising your module design and integration.
  • Once everything is set up properly, learn how to get just-in-time data about road volumes, events and violations.

Meet our GoodVision expert

Group 1326

Kirill Nikolaev

Customer Success Consultant


On our journey to making roads safer and cities breathable again, we look forward to inspiring you soon!

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