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21st-century surveys using computer vision

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Being a global platform, GoodVision has set up the first and not last Asia Pacific time-friendly webinar that will introduce a new partner, Traffic1, Australia, and also ARUP, Manila, that utilizes GoodVision within their smart city projects.

What will you learn?

  • Stephen Bell from Traffic1's unique online survey collection via online ordering and partnership with GoodVision analytical platform.
  • Hardware options to assist with the collect traffic data using systems such as Rapid Scout
  • Klervin John Collado, ARUP, will talk about Smart City development and how GoodVision supports this future.
  • The opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts
  • Receive a free 30-day GoodVision Video Insights trial with 5 credits. Giving you 5hrs of "Fixed Camera" or 1h 15mins of "Drone" processing free. 

Learn from Industry Experts

Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A.


Klervin John Collado

Transport Planner



Stephen Bell

Founder & Managing Director

Traffic 1  | Rapid Scout


Christopher Hargreaves

Head of Global Sales