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Paving the Way to Traffic Safety Analytics: Detecting Near Misses for a Proactive Approach

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Join our next on-demand webinar featuring Ariel Godwin, Senior Transportation Planner at US company GTS (General Technologies and Solutions)

Their traffic study in Ranchos Palos Verdes (California, US), involved an intersection where several near miss events were reported. All too often in transportation, a reactive approach is taken: safety improvements are implemented after someone dies or is seriously hurt. At GTS, they wanted to take a proactive approach instead, fixing the issues that were resulting in reported near misses before something worse happened. They needed an efficient way of identifying near misses without having to watch infinite hours of traffic video footage.

What will you learn in our Webinar?

  • As road safety issues are shared globally, learn how AI-powered computer vision technology is revolutionising transportation in the US
  • Understand the final analysis with data-driven recommendations and the possible improvements 
  • Discover GTS's plans to integrate video analytics and design future Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

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Ariel Godwin

Senior Transportation Planner


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Christopher Hargreaves

Head of Global Sales